What is the price of the rental security service ? Why do the security guards prevail in reality?

What is the price of the rental security service ? Why do the security guards prevail in reality?

There are situations where you don’t need daily security guards, but still require at the necessary times and days of the week such as events and sports competitions.

Not limited to events and competitions, you may still require a security guard for 12 hours on weekends, for example.

In case resident guard is not available ( from 1 year contract), spot security (temporary contract or for event inquiry) would be required.

The hourly security fee varies from company to company, and it also varies depending on the location, time of day, and the nature of the work. In this writing, the price of a spot security would be introduced.

On-site security price

The spot security price varies, but it’s usually around 50,000VND to 80,000VND per hour.

Most places have regulations about the number of hours required.

It is almost impossible to rent for only 1 hour or 2 hours.

Charges for resident security guards

The monthly price for an on-site security guard post (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) is approximately from 20,000,000VND to 30,000,000 VND.

This also varies depending on each company, region, and business content, so please contact in advance for further confirmation.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a spot security guard.

The advantage of hiring a spot security is that you can request the service within the time required.

As security guards are not used all the time, security fees can be kept low.

However, depending on the time, place, and content of the request, it may be cheaper to request an on-site security.

You might calculate the hourly fee and the resident fee per month, and request a resident service instead of a spot if it is cheaper.

What is the price of the rental security? The reasons why security guards prevail in reality  [Summary]

In this writing, the rental price of security guard was introduced. Making decision upon a request for a long term or a short term service depending on the purpose and the time requested.

Be sure to clarify the content, purpose, and time required.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year security is possible with online security! What is an online security system?

What is an online security system?

An online security system is a system that provides security by installing various sensors as described above. Security is performed by combining various types of sensors such as motion sensors, door sensors, and infrared sensors. If the sensor detects an anomaly, a report is sent to the monitoring center that operates 24 hours a day. Then, an emergency contact will be made to the customer, and ALSOK’s guards will rush to the site if the area is covered.

There are various types of sensors, such as infrared sensors installed around the perimeter of a factory that can detect intruders immediately. If there is an intruder, you can find it immediately.

Online security systems are also cheaper than security guards.

Security that can only be done by humans, such as motorcycle maintenance, can be left to security guards, and sensors can be installed in other areas to reduce costs and further increase the level of security.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about online security system installation.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about online security system installation.

Delivery as soon as possible after ordering from the inquiry, it is possible to respond quickly to unforeseen situations.

In addition, it is also possible to set the device voice with bilingual languages from 3 available languages (English, Japanese and Vietnamese)

For further information, please contact the nearest ALSOK office.


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