Factory Security -Security situation in Vietnam.

Factory Security -Security situation in Vietnam.

The topic posted this time will be about the status of implementing security in Vietnam. Along with giving common examples as well as incidents that have occurred, this article will also outline measures to improve those situations more effectively. This third section is about Factory Security.

“Theft” that occurs in the factory

Factories vary in scale and form, from large-scale factories with thousands of workers to rental factories. However, most of them still have many common security issues.

Various security problems occur in factories every day, but one of the biggest problems is theft. There are many things in the factory that can be exchanged for considerable amount of money. In addition, they may steal expensive items (smartphones, accessories, etc.) owned by the employees.


What items can be highly valuable in the factory?

In fact, there are many things in the factory that can be exchanged for money.

First of all, metals, especially copper, are highly convertible in Vietnam, and there have been many theft cases. Copper wire cables for lightning rods are a typical example. Since copper wires are easy to take out and difficult to find, many reports have been written about workers hiding them under their clothes or in toilet tanks and bringing them outside when the shift is over.


As for lightning rods, there was a case in which the lightning rod itself was stolen during construction work. It was late discovered that the rods were originally settled on the terrace so not until the construction was handed over, did the theft get realized

In addition, there were also cases where scrap metal from garbage and scrap storage areas, scrap materials for repairing roofs and walls, plastic pallets, cardboard boxes, etc., were stolen.

In addition, there were cases where scrap metal from garbage and storage areas as well as scrap materials from roofs and walls repair, plastic pallets, cardboard boxes, etc., also got stolen.


Frequent thefts – Even in lockers and offices

Lockers in factories or offices are also places where the thefts usually occur . For Vietnamese people, smartphones are considered to be important assets along with motorcycles. Many factories have rules against bringing mobile phones into the factory and they must be put away in the lockers. Thus, that leads to many cases about smartphones getting stolen from lockers.

Computers are the most targeted in the office. It occurs when there are few people, such as during lunch break and overtime hours. Gasoline theft is also common. The fuel is taken from a motorcycle or forklift and transfers it to a plastic bottle.


In summary

This time, we briefly introduced the theft cases that are likely to occur in the factory. So what can be done to prevent these thefts from happening?

Next time, I will bring up the solutions against thefts in the factory.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year security is possible with online security! What is an online security system?

What is an online security system?

An online security system is a system that provides security by installing various sensors as described above. Security is performed by combining various types of sensors such as motion sensors, door sensors, and infrared sensors. If the sensor detects an anomaly, a report is sent to the monitoring center that operates 24 hours a day. Then, an emergency contact will be made to the customer, and ALSOK’s guards will rush to the site if the area is covered.

There are various types of sensors, such as infrared sensors installed around the perimeter of a factory that can detect intruders immediately. If there is an intruder, you can find it immediately.

Online security systems are also cheaper than security guards.

Security that can only be done by humans, such as motorcycle maintenance, can be left to security guards, and sensors can be installed in other areas to reduce costs and further increase the level of security.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about online security system installation.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about online security system installation.

Delivery as soon as possible after ordering from the inquiry, it is possible to respond quickly to unforeseen situations.

In addition, it is also possible to set the device voice with bilingual languages from 3 available languages (English, Japanese and Vietnamese)

For further information, please contact the nearest ALSOK office.

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