Security Situation in Vietnam -Sensor utilization example.

Security Situation in Vietnam -Sensor utilization example.

Factory site monitoring

Until just a few years ago, human surveillance was the main method of security for factories and large premises.

In industrial parks and large factory premises, towers and security huts were installed for security guards to monitor as shown in the photo.

In Vietnam, human security is still the mainstream. However, in Japan and other countries, such towers and security huts have almost disappeared, and have been changed to mechanical security using sensors.

Then, what kind of sensor should be used for monitoring in this case?

The infrared sensor introduced last time is recommended.

Infrared sensors are generally used to protect the perimeter of the site and building, and multiple units are installed according to the size of the site.

Factory site monitoring2

Invisible infrared rays are stretched between the sensors, and when the rays are blocked the alarm siren will go off. The purpose of this infrared sensor is basically to detect intrusion from the outside, but in fact, it is also used in a slightly different way in Vietnam.

In the previous section, I mentioned that factories in Vietnam have many valuable things, materials and products that are often stolen. Workers, contractors, cleaning staff, etc. throw such things outside through the fence when they have a chance.

After that, the accomplice who is waiting outside will collect it, or the person who throws will collect it after leaving work. You have to get close to the fence to throw it outside. Therefore, it is possible to devise ways to keep such people away from the fence by installing the sensor in a place away from the inside of the fence.

Infrared sensors are mostly used outdoors and rarely indoors. Then, what kind of sensor is used to protect the inside of the room?

Next time, I will explain the space sensor that protects the inside of the room.

Factory site monitoring3


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