Benefits of Hiring Event Security Guards and How It Work

Benefits of Hiring Event Security Guards and How It Work

Security guards are necessary for the events, at which many people gather, to prevent troubles and accidents, protect human lives, and operate safely.

When planning an event that is supposed to attract a large number of customers, probably many people expect to know what kind of specific security system should be operated and how to request it.

ALSOK has provided security at various events.

In Japan, ALSOK has a track record of security in protecting events of the Tokyo Olympics and international events, as well as soccer tournaments and large Festivals, music events in Vietnam.

In this writing, the specific scope of work of the security at the event would be further introduced.

Benefits of hiring an event security guard①Guiding the visitors

It is necessary to properly guide visitors at events such as music festivals, concerts, and sports competitions in order to proceed them safely and smoothly.

If many people gather in one place, or in a narrow place with no escape, there is a risk of falling accidents.

It is an important task to guide visitors where to go and prevent people from crowding.

Benefits of hiring an event security guard②Emergency response

Besides accidents in places where many people gather, there are also possibilities of criminal acts such as pickpocketing.

Not only the security guards help guide visitors to ensure their safety, but also deter crime and provide emergency response in the event of an incident.

Benefits of hiring an event security guard③Traffic guidance

A security guard also helps guide vehicles and pedestrians to prevent traffic accidents.

This duty is conducted in places where the danger of accidents and congestion are supposed to be, such as construction sites and parking lots of commercial facilities, with the purpose of preventing traffic jams and accidents.

Necessary security points for a successful event

Necessary security points for a successful event.


Speaking of “security at the event”, there would be various duties.

It is necessary to prepare a security plan according to various contents such as the scale of the event, the size of the venue, and the venue.

Without security know-how, it is not possible to create a security plan easily.

In addition, by combining the usage of various devices like AI cameras, which might count the number of visitors and devices that can detect people moving suspiciously, a better security would be created, leading to a successful event.

Benefits of Hiring an Event Security Guard! Explanation of the main business contents concerns [Summary]

The main purpose of security is to “guide people”. Easier said than done.

Besides smooth event management, security also plays a vital role in preventing major accidents and protecting human lives.

In the past, there were cases where people in the event piled up on pedestrian bridges and narrow roads, and falling accidents happened.

Tragic accidents, such as people being piled on top of each other, resulting in serious injury or death, have actually happened.

Such accidents might be highly prevented if the appropriate security guidance is performed.

In order to have a smooth event management, it is essential to operate security to avoid crowds and confusion at the event venue.

With the purpose of prevention of accidents at events, etc., security professionals with extensive experience and know-how security plans would be prepared in advance at ALSOK.

Please consult with ALSOK when holding an event in which a large number of customers are supposed to be present.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year security is possible with online security! What is an online security system?

What is an online security system?

An online security system is a system that provides security by installing various sensors as described above. Security is performed by combining various types of sensors such as motion sensors, door sensors, and infrared sensors. If the sensor detects an anomaly, a report is sent to the monitoring center that operates 24 hours a day. Then, an emergency contact will be made to the customer, and ALSOK’s guards will rush to the site if the area is covered.

There are various types of sensors, such as infrared sensors installed around the perimeter of a factory that can detect intruders immediately. If there is an intruder, you can find it immediately.

Online security systems are also cheaper than security guards.

Security that can only be done by humans, such as motorcycle maintenance, can be left to security guards, and sensors can be installed in other areas to reduce costs and further increase the level of security.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about online security system installation.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about online security system installation.

Delivery as soon as possible after ordering from the inquiry, it is possible to respond quickly to unforeseen situations.

In addition, it is also possible to set the device voice with bilingual languages from 3 available languages (English, Japanese and Vietnamese)

For further information, please contact the nearest ALSOK office.

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