[AED] How to use for women? Life-saving might be safe during pregnancy.

[AED] How to use for women? Life-saving might be safe during pregnancy.

When using an AED, time is almost always considered a matter.

In such a case, if you hesitate in saving a person in opposite sex, it is impossible to save his/her life.

In particular, when a man performs on a woman, it is necessary to consider the surroundings as the electrode pads of the AED are attached on the chest.

However, do you know that there is a method of using an AED, taking into consideration the privacy of women, which does not require to remove her outerwear and underwear?

In this article, explanation about how to use an AED on a woman is given.




AED stands for “Automated External Defibrillator”.

I suppose it’s somehow a formal and specific term, but as the name suggests, AED is “a device that automatically removes fibrillation”.

I would like to give further explanation about “fibrillation” in more details from the next time.

But when the heart has a spasm for some reason, the AED automatically analyzes the condition of the heart and determines whether an electric shock is necessary.

It is an easy-to-use device, and even ordinary citizens (non-medical personnel) without medical knowledge can perform lifesaving activities by following the in-built voice prompts.

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time.

Deepening your understanding of AEDs, even a little, might help save one precious life.

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How to use AED on women?

Each minute, each second passes by, we have to compete with the time while performing CPR for Sudden cardiac arrest victims.

Don’t hesitate to use an AED even if the victim is a woman. However, Please take notice when using an AED on a woman. For example, the electrode pads can be attached directly to the skin, there is no need to remove all the clothes. Also, rescuers might hide the patient with the jacket they were wearing.

Focus on saving life, avoid delays in the use of AEDs by taking too much time consideration on a woman case.

No need to take off the underwear

If the electrode pads might be attached directly to the victim’s bare skin, no need to remove his/her underwear.

Many underwears have metal hooks, but most of them are attached to the back. It is not necessary to remove the underwear. However, when attaching the electrode pads, be careful not to touch the wires or metal parts with the pads.

After applying the pads, cover the victim with clothes

In case the victim’s clothes have to be removed when the pads are attached on, cover them with clothes or towels after the pads are attached..

Be careful with metal accessories

If the victim wears metal jewelry around the chest, remove it if possible. It is not a must-have action. Try to keep it as far away from the pads as possible.

[AED] How to use for women! It can be safe to save lives during pregnancy [Summary]

An introduction about how to use an AED on women was given. This is the same whether the victim is a man or a woman.

Try to keep as far away as possible from people who approach you for other purposes, not rescue (such as taking pictures with a smartphone).

It is important for both men and women to take life-saving measures as soon as possible.Do your utmost  if someone has collapsed.

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Delivery as soon as possible after ordering from the inquiry, it is possible to respond quickly to unforeseen situations.

In addition, it is also possible to set the device voice with bilingual languages from 3 available languages (English, Japanese and Vietnamese)

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