Why does an emergency button make your store safer?

Why does an emergency button make your store safer?

Let’s say you are a storekeeper alone at midnight. What would you do if you feared for your safety because a robber came, a suspicious person wandered around, or a drunk person stayed? You might be a victim of a robbery. You might just wait for the time to pass with anxiety.

Online Monitoring System: Emergency button

Wouldn’t it be very reassuring if someone came right away when you were in such a situation? ALSOK Vietnam Security Service offers a crime prevention system called “Online Monitoring System”. Online Monitoring System is a security service where security guards rush to the site when a sensor installed at the customer’s facility detects an abnormality. For instance, by installing an emergency button at the cashier of the store, you can call a security guard as you press the button and report automatically to ALSOK Vietnam Security Service if a suspicious person or robber appears. It is very assuring to have a system in place for someone to come when you are working alone or in an emergency.

Service flow: Security guards to rush by an emergency button

How does this emergency button work? First, the emergency button is installed at the cashier, etc. of the store (there is also a pendant-type emergency button that can be hung from the neck). When the emergency button is pressed, an alarm signal is sent to the control center. The monitoring staff will then call you to confirm the situation on-site and contact your contractor in case of an emergency. The contractor can also notify the police or fire department, if necessary. At the same time, the monitoring staff gives a dispatch order to the security guard. The security guard rushes to the store to the safety and situation of the site.

Emergency button in Japan

Online Monitoring System is widely used as a general crime prevention measure in Japan. In Japan, there are countless convenience stores nationwide. Convenience stores are often open for 24 hours, so there is a risk of crime late at night. In many convenience stores in Japan, emergency buttons are installed at the cash registers, or staff members put pendant emergency buttons on them. It is especially worrisome when a female staff works alone at night, but it is safe to have an emergency button.

Safety of employees

 Today, it is very important for a company to create a safe working environment for employees. If we cannot create a safe working environment for our employees, we will not be able to hire talented employees. Human resources is also an important asset to a company. If an employee is attacked and injured by a suspicious person, that’s a big loss to the company. Present companies need to protect their employees properly and provide a safe working environment.

 If you are interested in an Online Monitoring System, please contact ALSOK Vietnam Security Service.

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