Easily operate online monitoring system with your smartphone

Easily operate online monitoring system with your smartphone

As a crime prevention measure for factories and offices, there is an “online monitoring system” in which sensors are installed inside the building and security guards rush to the building in the event of an abnormality.

If online security is installed, the first person to come to work in the morning will disable the security, and the last person to leave will set the security, thereby taking security measures at night when the building is unattended. To set or release security, you will need to perform operations such as holding your card over a card reader. If you forget to set up security when you leave work, you will have to go back to the location and set up security, and if you want to check whether security has been set up, you will have no choice but to go there and check.

However, in recent years, security operations have become more convenient by using a dedicated app. In addition, the app allows you to use a variety of useful functions in addition to security operations.

In this column, we will introduce the useful functions of the app*.

*The dedicated app is a service for administrators.

Set and release security remotely

Until now, if you forgot to set up security, you had to return to the site and reinstall security, but these days, security can be set or cancelled remotely through an app. Even if you accidentally return home without setting up security, you can set up security from home. Even if there is a sudden arrival or departure of a contractor on a holiday, the security can be released remotely and the security can be set up remotely after the work is completed, so there is no need to go to the site.

Unsecured notification

If security is not set even after the facility becomes unmanned at night, a notification will be sent to the administrator that it is unsecured. You can then set up security remotely if necessary. No longer will you be left unguarded overnight without anyone noticing.

Remote camera monitoring

If you have security cameras installed, you can view real-time footage from the cameras remotely.

Manage camera images with one app even at multiple stores

Even if you have security cameras installed in multiple stores, you can view footage from multiple cameras on one screen through the app. This is very useful for managers who run multiple stores and want to check the status of each store.

Easy user management

By registering a card for each employee to carry out security operations, a record of who set and released security and when is kept, so you can be aware of any suspicious activity. Stores that can be controlled by security can be divided by person, such as this person for this store only, this person for this store and that store, and this person for all stores. Furthermore, by deleting the card registration of a person who has left the company, you can prevent people from outside the company from entering or leaving the company. You can easily register such cards using the app.

Generally speaking, safety and convenience are mutually exclusive. Locking doors, installing electric locks, and installing security for safety increase troublesome work and reduce convenience. However, as we have seen above, with the development of technology, online security has also evolved and become an easier-to-use service.

If you are concerned about security but don’t want to add to the hassle, please feel free to contact us about ALSOK online monitoring system.

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