How Does the Online Monitoring System Work for F&B Stores?

How Does the Online Monitoring System Work for F&B Stores?

In recent years, business development of local and foreign F&B stores has been becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. Various F&B stores are opened in the cities and there is an increasing number of companies opening multiple stores, and the demand for store management support is increasing as well.

In this writing, we will introduce the Online Monitoring System, which solves security issues faced by F&B Stores and provides additional functions.

If you are looking for a solution to improve the management of your F&B Store, please use this as a reference.

F&B Store security situation

At F&B stores in Vietnam, you will often see guards sitting in front of the store monitoring suspicious customers and sorting out motorbikes parked in front of the store.

On the other hand, unlike residential buildings, F&B stores are at risk of unauthorized property removal and fire outbreaks during times when the store is unattended, such as on public holidays and at night.

There are cases in which security measures by guards alone cannot respond to such risks, such as crimes when guards are not looking.

Optimal security measures for F&B Stores

The measures taken by guards at the F&B Store provide a sense of security as they are carried out by humans. However, some aspects make continuous operation difficult.

The Online Monitoring System provided by ALSOK Vietnam Security Services can solve these problems and provide continuous and effective security.

A security guard will be stationed to provide security while the store is open, and after the store is closed or on holiday, the Online Monitoring System will be used instead.

Features ①

Online Monitoring System monitors break-ins and fire occurrences 24 hours/7 days.

Enhance the security of your F&B store by installing security sensors. Our security company provides 24 hours/7 days remote monitoring, even during extended holidays like Tet. Safeguard your property against burglary, fire outbreaks, and more.


<Online Monitoring System Workflow>

<#1> When a sensor detects an abnormality, an alarm is sent to a monitoring center that monitors the system 24 hours a day.<#2> Monitoring staff will contact the customer in an emergency.

<#3> In addition, alarm information will be shared from monitoring staff to security guards. Alarm information is linked even if a security guard is stationed in an office or building.

<#4> If necessary, a security guard will rush to the scene and conduct a safety check.

Feature ②

In case of any damage, you will be covered by the supplementary insurance of Online Monitoring System.

If you are a customer who has installed the Online Monitoring System and your security is stolen, the damage will be covered by the insurance attached to the Online Monitoring System.

<Example of compensation>


Contents covered by compensation Compensation amount(VND)
1) Cash, stamps, checks (if kept in a safety box) 100,000,000
2) Products and inventory 300,000,000
3) Interior, furniture, appliances, fixtures and fittings 300,000,000
4) Glass repair costs 40,000,000
5) Key, door, shutter repair costs 100,000,000
Deductible amount 1,170,000

*Excluded: Assets not listed the above and other assets not covered. Please contact us for details.

Feature ③

Optimization of store operations using marketing functions

ALSOK Vietnam Security Service’s Online Monitoring System can provide marketing functions that are useful for business while being a security measure. For example, we optimize store operations by visualizing store congestion using cameras and sensors, and managing the opening and closing times of multiple stores.

In Conclusion

In Vietnam, with the acceleration of business development of F&B Stores, the demand for security is expanding and requests for Online Monitoring System are also increasing.

At ALSOK Vietnam Security Service, we are able to provide optimal solutions that meet customer needs, such as an Online Monitoring System that has not only crime prevention but also marketing functions. If you are an owner who is having trouble with store management, please feel free to contact us.

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