How Does the Online Monitoring System Work for Office or Building?

How Does the Online Monitoring System Work for Office or Building?

In recent years, due to increasing security awareness and improvements in ICT technology such as security cameras and sensors, the installation of “Online Monitoring Systems” in offices and buildings has become more popular in Vietnam. In this article, we will introduce the effects of the “Online Monitoring System” on the security of offices and buildings.

What is “Online Monitoring System”?

Online Monitoring System is a system in which security companies install security sensors in offices and buildings where security needs to be strengthened, instead of security guards, and remotely monitor thieves’ intrusions and fire outbreaks.

<Online Monitoring System Workflow>

<#1>When a sensor detects an abnormality, an alarm is sent to the monitoring center, which monitors the system 24 hours a day.

<#2>Monitoring staff will contact the customer in an emergency.

<#3>Furthermore, alarm information will be transferred from monitoring staff to security guards. Alarm information is linked even if a security guard is stationed in an office or building.

<#4>If necessary, a security guard will rush to the scene and conduct a safety check.

Features of Online Monitoring System provided by ALSOK

  • 24 hours/7 days, non-stop Monitoring
    ALSOK’s monitoring center (Haiphong) monitors clients’ offices, buildings, and important assets 24 hours/7 days uninterrupted.
  • Japanese style Monitoring Operation
    ALSOK, one of Japan’s leading security companies, exports the Monitoring Operation Know-How cultivated in Japan to Vietnam. We provide Monitoring Service by sophisticated Vietnamese staff.
  • Highly convenient system
    It is possible to turn on/off the Online Monitoring System and self-monitor camera images using a smartphone.

Utilization of Online Monitoring System in Office or Building in Vietnam

(1) Office and Building Condition in Vietnam

Due to the structure of buildings in Vietnam, there are cases where the office (exclusive area) rented by the customer is invaded through the ceiling.

It has even happened that when you return to the office after a long holiday such as Tet, a thief has broken into your office and found that your PC has been stolen

(2) Effect of Online Monitoring System

Due to the office situation in Vietnam, there are points that cannot be monitored by security guards, and there are cases where unexpected break-ins occur. To prevent these things from happening, security measures using a “24 hour/7 day non-stop” Online Monitoring System are extremely effective.


We introduced the overview and features of the Online Monitoring System, as well the usage examples based on the structure of offices and buildings in Vietnam.

ALSOK Vietnam Security Service proposes optimal security measures according to customer requests. If you would like to know more about Online Monitoring System, please feel free to contact us.

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