Why is an Online Monitoring System essential for your business?

Why is an Online Monitoring System essential for your business?

Are you running your own business? If so, what kind of security measures do you take? 

When thinking of security measures, many people may think of security guards and security cameras. However, in this writing, we will introduce “Online Monitoring System”

Online Monitoring System differs from security personnel in that it detects burglaries and fires by installing sensors. In addition, the main function of security cameras to record a crime.

In the Online Monitoring System, sensors detect if a crime occurs, and security personnel will rush to the location to respond. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at what kind of Online Monitoring System is essential for your business.

An Online Monitoring System is a security system in which security sensors are installed in offices and factories where security needs to be strengthened to detect abnormalities such as intrusion by thieves or fire. If a sensor detects an abnormality, an alarm will be sent to the 24-hour monitoring center, and monitoring staff will contact the customer in an emergency. Furthermore, the monitoring staff informs the alarm information to the security guard, who then rushes to the site to confirm the safety. Even if there is a security guard stationed at the factory or office, by linking alarm information to the guard, the security guard can rush to the location where an abnormality has occurred.

For example, if you are a store owner. What would happen if an Online Monitoring System was not installed? A burglar may break into your home at night while no one is home and your valuable assets may be stolen, or your windows and doors may be destroyed during the break-in. The next day, it will be difficult to clean up the broken glass and scattered items, and you may not be able to open your store that day. Also, wouldn’t you be worried if a robber or suspicious person showed up at your store during the day? You may also be putting yourself in harm’s way. I’m also worried about fire. Fires may occur due to forgetting to extinguish the fire or arson. Needless to say, it would be a catastrophe if your store or products were to catch fire.

If you introduce mechanical security, a sensor will detect when a burglar enters your property, an alarm will sound on the spot, and a security guard will rush to your home. If a thief hears an alarm, he may run away without taking anything. This will minimize the damage caused by burglary. Additionally, you can install an emergency button in your store, and if a robber or suspicious person appears, you can press the button to request that security guards come to the store. It would be reassuring if a security guard rushed to the store. A sensor detects smoke while the fire is still small, and security personnel rush in to prevent the fire from spreading. If you notice the fire too late, your store may burn down. It is very important to notice it at an early stage to prevent the damage from spreading.

What do you think? When you no longer have to worry about burglaries or fires, you can focus on your business. If you run your business with a refreshed mind rather than a state of anxiety and worry, your business will surely go well.

ALSOK Vietnam Security Service provides an Online Monitoring System ALSOK. It can be installed in any building where security measures are required, such as offices, stores, factories, and warehouses. Installation of the sensors can be completed within one day at the earliest. Costs can be reduced by not deploying security guards, and it is also possible to implement a combination of security by deploying security guards during the day and using an Online Monitoring System at night. If you are interested, please contact us.

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