Impact of minimum wage increase on security services, role of security companies

Impact of minimum wage increase on security services, role of security companies

Vietnam’s minimum wage is increasing year by year. The accompanying rise in securiy service fees is an unavoidable change in the situation in Vietnam, which continues to enjoy strong economic growth.

On the other hand, the importance of security remains unchanged for companies that continue their business activities. As awareness of cost control increases, the security services provided by security companies are also changing. We would like to introduce effective security services under such circumstances, using examples from Japan as a reference.

Changes in security services in Japan

In Japan, there has been a shift in the past from “resident security” in which people provide security to “Online Monitoring System” in which security is provided by sensors. is affected by rising prices. The Online Monitoring System uses sensors installed by a security company to monitor customer facilities, and in the event of intrusion by a suspicious person or fire, emergency notification is made to related parties via the security company to prevent damage from spreading & thing.

There are security services that only humans can provide, so there is still a demand for stationed security, but the cost-effective Online Monitoring System is the norm and has been adopted by many customers.

Additionally, the Online Monitoring System has the advantage of being highly accurate and continuous, as it uses sensors rather than humans to carry out the warning.

Changes in Vietnam

Similar changes are about to occur in Vietnam. As the minimum wage increases, the cost of permanent security services also increases.

At present, awareness of the Online Monitoring System in Vietnam is not high, but by combining factories, offices, and restaurants with security guards during the day and using the Online Monitoring System to monitor when no one is entering or leaving at night. More and more customers are implementing efficient and cost-effective security.


We introduced changes in security services due to increases in the minimum wage, based on examples in Japan.

ALSOK Vietnam Security Service proposes optimal security measures according to customer requests. If you would like to know more about Online Monitoring System, please feel free to contact us.

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