Method to increase the security of safes

Method to increase the security of safes

How do you manage valuables like cash at your office or at your store? I think many people will put it in a safe for management. So what happens if that safe is stolen or broken open? In this section we will explain methods to further enhance the security of safes.

Disadvantages of safes

Safes are often very heavy and sturdy, so they are difficult to destroy or remove. In addition, to open and close the safe door, a password is required, so this is also an effective security measure.

However, if it only takes a little time and effort, you can take the safe out or break open the door. In addition, if you do not manage your password carefully, you will not be able to open the door correctly. How should we deal with criminals targeting safes?

Enhanced safe box security with Online Monitoring System

You can enhance the security features of a safe by combining the safe with an Online monitoring system.

Online monitoring system uses sensors installed by our company to monitor customer equipment, in case a suspicious person breaks in or a fire occurs, through a security company. will urgently contact relevant parties to avoid causing greater damage.

When installing sensors in a safe using an Online monitoring system, the security company can monitor the destruction or removal of the safe, thereby further enhancing the safety of the safe.


We would like to introduce how to increase the security of safes by using an Online monitoring system.

ALSOK Vietnam security company will propose optimal security measures according to customer requirements. If you want to know more detailed information about the Online monitoring system, please contact us.

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